October 10,12:00
October 11,12:00
October 12,12:00

Workshops of Krytyka Polityczna

The workshops with Julian Kutyła and Agata Szczęśniak from the journal and political movement Krytyka polityczna in Warsaw will address central questions: an individual, network, environment, social movement – what "glue" encourages cohesiveness of socially engaged people? Is it possible to move from a "emotionally motivated" informal group to a dynamic institution - with no loss of commitment, collective participation and spontaneity? On what principles the cooperation of dispersed social and cultural environments, artistic movements and “common cause organisations” should be based? The workshops aim to reflect on the possibility of bottom-up action within democracy by means of concentration of the engaged people and organisation of engagement, in order to create a better state, society, culture and art. We will think about what opportunities are given by the formalized activity and what limits this activity.We will discuss what kind of processes take place in informal groups, how to solve internal conflicts, and when joint activity loses its meaning.    The workshop is aimed at students, social activists, culture managers, NGOs representatives and others interested in participating (group up to 20 people). The workshop will result in preparing materials for the Russian edition of the “Political Critique” magazine.

Upcoming workshops

Approaches to Post-Communist Urban Space

September 19,12:00-19:00
September 20,12:00-19:00

Sergei Bratkov

September 26,12:00
September 27,12:00

Yuri Leiderman and Andrei Silvestrov

September 30,12:00
October 1,12:00

Matthijs de Bruijne

October 2,12:00
October 7,12:00